Last time on AMC’s The Walking Dead…

Daryl and his trusty crossbow

Daryl and his trusty crossbow

This time last year, I was all ears at a writers’ workshop. Glenn Mazzara (the then show-runner for The Walking Dead) was a special guest speaker. So good! Not only was he in charge of creative input of the show, Glenn kept the whole enchilada on track and delivering episodes we Walker fans literally gobbled up. (Why oh why did Dale have to die!!)

After the finale last season, the jury is out here as to whether baby Judith is really no longer. Now that the Governor’s gone, who will be Rick’s nemesis?…besides the walkers, of course 🙂

Did you know that AMC are creating a spin-off with a different set of characters battling the same zombie post apocalyptic world? Happening in 2015. Can’t wait!

Interesting fact: The leading character Rick Grimes is from the fictitious King County, Georgia, which is named in honor of Stephen King (courtesy Colourlovers blog).

walking dead maggie and glenn

I love Maggie and Glenn!