A Christmas tale with a warlock twist!



Already Falling (Final)

Seventeen-year-old Sommer Vines still dreams about the one sane week in her whole screwy childhood. Almost ten years after that bittersweet Christmas, Sommer returns to her hometown, ready to start college and build on the normal life she’s always wanted.
Not happening.
A warlock is squatting in her house. Sommer wouldn’t mind so much if the delectable Phenibus Nash was into her in a “boy crushes on girl” kind of way. Every minute, he’s the brooding protector. And while she’s flattered by the attention, she won’t be told where to go, who to see.
Only Nash has good reason to be wary. Dark forces are poised to descend – creatures that will turn Sommer’s beliefs about herself…her past and her future…smack on their heads.

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